About Us

Established in 1982, we're a business you can rely on...

Liladhar Balwa

He started this venture with a mission to make home decor items easily accessible to Bhuj. A music lover at heart, some of you may have seen him performing live with his keyboard during the festival of Navratri. His wisdom of providing solid value proposition to customers is in the DNA of our business since inception!

Pratik Balwa

Wonderfully skilled to work with wood, great at playing the sitar, he also is excellent source of innovation for the customized offering that we have. When free, you would find him tinkering away in the workshop trying to find the next idea to delight you all..

Manthan Balwa

Professionally or otherwise, he is a living form of binding agent. He creates the cohesive whole, sees to your requests being handled with care and attention. Pragmatism combined with suggestions that work best for you, our customers is what he embodies.